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Monday, October 15, 2007

Find Equipment for Your Home Office Online...For Free!

You probably have lots of potentially useful possessions cluttering up your garage, basement or attic. You know one day you'll probably get up the energy to haul all of it out to the curb to be picked up by the trash haulers. But what if you could give away some of that stuff and enable yourself to get free things that you actually need in return?

Freecycle operates on the basic principle that "one man's trash is another man's treasure". The idea is to give away (for free) objects you don't need and avoid putting them into a landfill. Freecycle
was started in May 2003 to help reduce reduction in Tucson, Arizona and has since spread throughout the world.

Freecycle accomplishes the noble goal of reducing waste on the planet by making it easy for people to join groups in their local communities. Joining a group only involves filling out a simple online e-mail form and replying to a registration e-mail confirming your e-mail address (all groups are moderated and the moderator much approve your application to join the group). You are free to join as many groups as you want in your local area. If there isn't a group in your area, there are instructions for starting your own.

Once you are in a group, you merely offer an item you no longer want to the group. You aren't selling it to must give it away for free. After you offer an item to others, you can post requests for items that you want in the group forum. This could allow you to pick up items (such as a table and filing cabinet for your home office) without paying anything for them.

What could be better than reducing waste to help save the planet while you are saving start-up costs for your business. So join Freecycle today and trade your way to business savings!

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