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Saturday, September 15, 2007

How Does a Blog Help a Small Business

Most people know that a web presence will help attract customers to your business. But entrepreneurs are busy people and often short on capital, especially when the business is in start-up mode. Trying to figure out how to pay your employees next week and serve the customers in your store is going to take precedence over trying to be your own webmaster. Blogs can help in the following ways:

1) Blogs are cheap - You can start a blog very inexpensively (or even free at sites like Blogger and Wordpress). This can be a very cost effective way to increase name recognition for your business.

2) Learning to Blog is Easy - Blogging software is easy to learn and doesn't require users to be experts in web design or HTML. With the same skills you use to write an e-mail, you can post text to a blog.

3) Blogs Are Quick to Update - Contacting a web designer who is maintaining a web site and asking them to make changes usually has a much longer lead time. With a blog, you the business owner can make adjustments on an ongoing basis whenever they have the time.

4) Blogs Are Designed For Sharing Knowledge - A blog is a perfect vehicle for a professional or consultant who wants to attract customers by giving them a little taste of their knowledge for free.

Gizmodo is a good example of a business blog. Gizmodo uses a blog-like format to provide reviews of gadgets, gizmos, and cutting-edge consumer electronics. This blog format could easily be adapted to showcase products that a local small business offers for sale.

So start a blog for your small business today. It's fast, easy and should be profitable!

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