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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Starting a Business - Nothing is Cheaper Than a Free Blog!

Can you start a business for zero dollars? Sure you can since Al Gore invented the Internet!

It is easy to set up a blog site and have it hosted for free at sites such as Blogger and Wordpress. Writing a blog only requires some creativity and sweat equity.

What should your blog be about? Any topic in which you are knowledgeable that you think will be compelling enough to draw others to your site. The basic idea is to provide useful information from your ideas and experiences or to direct people to resources on the web related to your blog topic. You want to keep folks coming back to your blog in hopes that you will eventually make some money from them. More about making money from blogs in a future post...for now, just concentrate on setting up a compelling blog.

Below is a short video on how to set up a blog on Blogger. You can find many more videos such as this one on You Tube.

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